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M Seafood Live Wild Soon Hock

M Seafood Live Wild Soon Hock

  • $41.40

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Wild Live Soon Hock (SUPPORT LOCAL FARM)
600-800G OR 800-1000G

Our Soon Hock is super fresh as we only fish them on the day of delivery.
Also, if you wish to have them degut+descale, it will be done just before the delivery.
The freshness and quality is incomparable :)
Weight is based on whole fish. If you request for degut+descale, please note that there will be weight reduction.

Experience restaurant standard quality seafood in the comfort of your own home

Product Info:
The marble goby or Soon Hock is a unique little number. This premium wild-caught fish is the ultimate status symbol. A popular fish that you’ll see swimming in the tanks of high-end Chinese restaurants, you have probably fought over the last piece of soon hock with your cousins at the dinner table.

What makes it unique:
Marble goby derives its name from its marble-like skin and succulent white flesh.
Since this fish is wild-caught, this means the supply is somewhat unpredictable, which gives rise to its high price point. This buttery fish is a common sight in Cantonese restaurants.

Why Is Soon Hock Fish So Expensive?
Soon Hock is a highly valued and expensive fish that is a delicacy to many countries in Southeast Asia, including Singapore. Because soon hock fish in Singapore are not only caught from the wild but also reared in cages and ponds and cost a lot of money to rear them. This is one of the reasons why this fish price in Singapore is high and expensive.

In most parts of Singapore, the only places you can have this fish are in seafood restaurants, where soon hook price can get really high, and demand for it is also very high.

What it’s used in:
Soon Hock is usually prepared Cantonese-style, where the fish is steamed with aromatics such as ginger, spring onion and coriander. Then, it’s finished with hot oil and a light soy sauce dressing—the best way to enjoy Soon Hock

1. Delivery every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 12-5pm. Please leave a remark on your preferred date of delivery upon checking out.
2. Due to the nature of our products, please ensure that someone is home to receive the delivery. Should there be no one, the couriers will have to leave the items at your doorstep.
3. We are not able to accept refunds/returns after delivery.

1. Live fish are packed in a bag pumped with oxygen.
2. Live prawns and other frozen products will be packed in ice to maximum freshness.
3. These products will then be placed in our icebox on the day of delivery.
4. Live crab will be packed in carrier bags, separate from icebox.

If you have special requests, kindly leave remarks before checking out. Thank you!