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M Seafood Live Red Tilapia

M Seafood Live Red Tilapia

  • $10.00

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Locally Farmed Live Red Tilapia Fish 300-500G - Fresh Tilapia
Choose to see them live! OR have them degut+descaled

Our Red Tilapia is super fresh as we only fish them on the day of delivery.
Also, if you wish to have them degut+descale, it will be done before the delivery. The freshness and quality is incomparable :)
Weight is based on Whole Fish. If you request for degut+descale, please note that there will be weight reduction.

Experience restaurant quality seafood in the comfort of your own home

Product info:
Our Red Tilapia is farmed in our seawater with latest farming technology to ensure the fish growing movement and delicate taste and texture. All our Fish food are tested and approved by authorities and 100% safe and healthy for consumption.

We supply our Live Tilapia to many major local restaurants. Tilapia flesh is white, tender and somewhat firm with a flaky texture. Taste is largely determined by the growing environment — water quality and feed — but our good Quality Tilapia tastes mild and sweet. Suitable for baking, grilling, steaming and frying!

1. Delivery every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 12-6pm. Please leave a remark on your preferred date of delivery upon checking out.
2. Due to the nature of our products, please ensure that someone is home to receive the delivery. Should there be no one, the couriers will have to leave the items at your doorstep.
3. We are not able to accept refunds/returns after delivery.

1. Live Fish are packed in a bag pumped with oxygen.
2. Live Prawn, Fresh Seafood, Mussels and other frozen products will be packed in ice to maximum freshness.
3. These products will then be placed in our icebox on the day of delivery.
4. Live Crab will be packed in carrier bags, separate from icebox.