GreenHealth Deer Placenta 20,000mg – Rezen
GreenHealth Deer Placenta 20,000mg

GreenHealth Deer Placenta 20,000mg

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NZ Green Health is the first and oldest brand of premium deer placenta capsules. For 18 years we have delighted customers with our product. we make continuous product improvements to have happy customers

Our Deer Placenta is extracted from the Deer placenta of healthy and fine quality New Zealand Deer. It contains rich amino acid, adhesive polysaccharide, Vitamin E and B series, ferment (malic acid and hydracid)and various minerals like calcium, phosphorus, iron, zinc, copper, etc.

GreenHealth Deer Placenta Extract is produced via a unique centrifuge process and the it is Freeze Dried at low temperatures to preserve vital bio-active elements contents.

Function : To help protect, repair and reverse the aging process.

Each Capsule :

✅Deer Placenta - 200mg (as equiv. to fresh 20,000mg).

✅Grape Seed Extract - 20mg (as equiv. to fresh 2,400mg).

✅Borage Oil - 200mg

✅Squalene - 150mg

✅Marine Collagen Powder - 100mg

✅Avocado Oil - 600mg

✅Evening Primrose Oil - 100mg

✅Lycopene 6% Oil - 50mg

✅Fucoidan 20% Powder - 50mg

✅Dendrobium Herb Extract - 20mg

✅Aloe Vera Extract - 10mg

✅Zinc - 5mg

Comparison with famous PXXXXXX Brand

Halal Certified. Deer placenta has been well known as a miracle substance to help protect, repair and reverse the aging process.

> Skin Health Support

> Rejuvenating Tonic

> High Potency

Manufactured in GMP / HACCP registered factories.

Natural ingredients & produced in New Zealand.


Store below 30º C in a cool dry place.