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Neofollics Hair Growth Supplement

Neofollics Hair Growth Supplement

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Neofollics Hair Growth Supplement

The Neofollics hair growth supporting tablets combat hair loss in different ways. For this reason, this nutritional supplement can be used against all forms of hair loss, by both men and women.

DHT inhibitors

The  most common form of hair loss is hereditary hair loss. This form of hair loss can best be combated by suppressing the hormone dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT causes damage to hair follicles, causing them to produce less and thinner hair.

Neofollics tablets contain natural extracts that inhibit the formation of DHT and promote hair growth, such as Saw Palmetto extract, Beta-sitosterol, Stinging Nettle Extract, Red Clover extract, EGCG and isoflavones. The effectiveness of Saw Palmetto and Beta-sitosterol against hair loss has been confirmed in various scientific studies.


The Red Clover extract in the tablets contains a high concentration of isoflavones. Isoflavones are also referred to as phytoestrogens. Isoflavones are known to reduce the concentration of DHT in the hair follicles. Isoflavones also restore the hormonal balance. A changing hormonal balance is a major cause of hair loss in women during and after the menopause.


The polyfenol EGCG, in other words Epigallocatechin gallate, is not only a powerful antioxidant from Green Tea. It stimulates hair growth and is also a DHT inhibitor.

Essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins for healthy hair growth

Neofollics tablets contain, in addition to ingredients that inhibit DHT, a large number of amino acids, minerals and vitamins that are essential for healthy hair growth. The nutritional supplement contains three important amino acids: L-carnitine-l-tartrate, L-cysteine and taurine. These improve hair growth by improving the transport of nutrients to the hair root and by increasing the energy production.

Selenium and Zinc are minerals that are necessary for maintaining healthy hair. A shortage of Zinc and Selenium in the body can lead to hair loss.

Folic acid is important for protecting the DNA in the body and for cell division. It supports the growth of tissue in the body and thereby also hair growth.

Biotin is an important vitamin for the hair. A shortage of Biotin can lead to hair loss and brittle hair. A high dosage of Biotin is often used for stronger, fuller and healthier hair and is additionally beneficial for the condition of the skin and nails.

The remaining vitamins B2, B3, B5, B7, B11 & B12 which are contained in the formula are important for healthy hair growth and contribute to this in a unique manner.


In the photos below, you can see how the Neofollics Tablets, in combination with other products, can be used to stop hair loss and stimulate hair growth

Neofollics tablets can be used by both men and women. The treatment works from the first day of use, however it takes some time until results will be clearly visible. After a number of weeks, the first results will be visible and the hair loss should be decreased. The new hairs will then grow back stronger and thicker. After 3 to 6 months, this becomes visible.


Take 1 - 3 tablets per day. Take the tablets preferably throughout the day, during or after a meal.

For the most effective treatment, take a dose of 3 tablets per day. If the result is satisfactory, the dosage may be lowered after 1 year to 1 to 2 tablets per day (depending on the stage of your of hair loss and the use of / combination with other products).

When used in combination with Finasteride (1 - 1.25mg per day), it is recommended to use 1 Neofollics tablet per day.

The tablets are suitable for both men and women.

The tablets are compact - only 10mm in diameter - to make swallowing easier.


I read that Neofollics lotion has a new formula, what can I expect from this?
Neofollics lotion does indeed have a new formulation. Apart from a new package, it also has an advanced hair growth complex 7% Neoxyl®. This contains many of the active ingredients that made Neofollics lotion so well rated, but combines them in a more effective way and in a higher dose. Existing Neofollics lotion users can therefore safely continue with this improved formula, while new users can assume that they will get the best hair growth lotion on the market.

Because the lotion is more high dosed and more effective, there is slightly less content in the bottle and it has become slightly more expensive. However, Neofollics lotion still a larger content and a lower price than all other good hair growth lotions on the market.

Furthermore, the Neofollics lotion has also taken steps in terms of user-friendliness, making it more suitable for women and people with long hair. You can read more about this below.

Is Neofollics lotion suitable for long hair?
The new formulation of Neofollics is much more pleasant to use than before. It is a transparent lotion that is absorbed within seconds, is not sticky and does not make the hair greasy. Because of these improvements, this lotion is now also very suitable for use by people with long hair.

Is Neofollics lotion suitable for female, hormonal, hair loss?
Yes, the Neofollics lotion is suitable for all forms of hair loss. The powerful formula also works well against hormonal hair loss. Because the lotion is now more user-friendly for people with long hair, it has also become much more suitable for women.

Can I use Neofollics lotion in combination with my current lotion?
The lotion can be combined with other lotions for hair growth, for example by using one in the morning and the other in the evening. It is not recommended to apply both lotions at the same time.

I want to start using this lotion. Can I immediately switch from my current lotion to Neofollics lotion?
If you are currently using a lotion and you are looking to switch to Neofollics lotion, we advise you to first use both lotions for 2 weeks. For example by using Neofollics lotion in the morning and a Spectral lotion in the evening. After these 2 weeks, your skin will have gotten used to it and you can start using the Neofollics lotion twice a day.

Will this lotion last longer, because it's 90 ml instead of 60 ml?
Most lotions contain 60 ml, enough for one month. Applying a lotion generously can give a more powerful effect. This is why Neofollics opted to use a larger amount per bottle for maximum results. How long a lotion lasts mostly depends on the area that requires treatment. If you only treat your temples or crown, a bottle will last you longer than 2 months.

What other products can I combine Neofollics lotion with?
Neofollics lotion combines well with other products against hair loss, such as a shampoo. In order to adjust the treatments to one another as well as possible when it comes to active ingredients, we recommend combining the products from the Neofollics range. Here is what we recommend at different stages of hair loss.

I read that Neofollics shampoo has a new formula, what can I expect from this?
Neofollics Shampoo does indeed have a new formulation and packaging. What can you expect from the new formulation?

  • An improved washing effect means that now even less shampoo is needed to remove impurities and to clean the hair and scalp.
  • The formulation has been made milder, in order to further reduce the drying of the scalp when used daily.
  • The perfume in the previous version has been replaced by natural ingredients: extracts of rosemary and mint give the shampoo an attractive and natural scent.
  • The new Neofollics Shampoo contains a higher concentration of active ingredients that help to promote healthy hair growth.

Can I switch to Neofollics shampoo just like that?
You can start using Neofollics shampoo immediately.

I notice my hair is becoming dryer. Is this right and what can I do about this?
The ingredient Piroctone olamine in the shampoo may, just like Ketoconazole, dry out the hair and scalp a little. When you experience these symptoms, we advise you to use a conditioner after washing (eg. Neofollics conditioner). You can also decrease the frequency. Remember that the shampoo only works optimally when it is used at least three times a week.

Can I use Neofollics shampoo in combination with another shampoo?
Neofollics shampoo can be used in combination with any other shampoo. When experiencing dry hair, Neofollics shampoo can best be alternated with a nourishing shampoo that does not contain Ketoconazole, such as Regenepure NT or Beaver keratin shampoo. Combining a shampoo with Ketoconazole with Neofollics shampoo might be too strong a combination since Neofollics shampoo contains Piroctone olamine, a substance with a similar effect as Ketoconazole.

The shampoo does not foam as much as I am used to. Is this true?
If you are already used to using a sulfate-free shampoo such as Revita or Regenepure DR, you will know that a good shampoo does not foam as much as a regular shampoo. If you are used to using a regular shampoo from the drugstore, you may notice it doesn't foam as much. This is because a high quality shampoo does not contain any SLS. SLS is a chemical cleaning agent that causes the foaming effect

When using the Neofollics shampoo, it is recommended to first degrease the hair with a small amount of shampoo. Next, you apply a more generous amount of shampoo. You will see that the shampoo is easy to distribute over the scalp and the hair. This is why it's a good thing that the shampoo contains 250 ml, making it possible for you to actually use a generous dosage and still make it last long.

Which products can I combine Neofollics shampoo with?
If your hair loss is at an early stage, using just a shampoo may suffice, preferably in combination with a nutritional supplement.
When your hair loss is at an advanced stage, we recommend using a multiple approach to combat hair loss with shampoo, lotion and a nutritional supplement. In order to adjust the treatments to one another as well as possible when it comes to active ingredients, we recommend combining the products from the Neofollics range. Here is what we recommend at different stages of hair loss.

Can I use the Neofollics Tablets together with the Neofollics Anti-Grey Hair Tablets?
The Neofollics Hair Growth Supporting Tablets can be combined with the use Neofollics Anti-Grey Hair Tablets without any issues.