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Coflu Remedy Powder 康福颗粒 (清冠一号)

Coflu Remedy Powder 康福颗粒 (清冠一号)

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Coflu Remedy Powder 康福颗粒

10g x 15 sachets


• Indication:


~ Help clear external pathogenic contractions, ~ ~ Help improve shortness of breath,

~ Help clear lung, help relieve fever, help suppress cough, help relieve headache and body pain.

~ Help relieve sore throat, help stop runny nose.




Release the exterior and diffuse the

lung, clear heat and detoxicate, soothe the chest to dispel phlegm, harmonize the stomach and

downward qi.

Active Ingredients:

Indigowoad Root

Trichosanthis Fructus

Heartleaf Houttuynia Herb

Scutellaria Root

Magnolia Bark

Fineleaf Nepeta Herb

Mulberry Leaf

Peppermint Herb

Saposhnikovia Root

Baked Liquorice Root and Rhizome

• Package: 10 grams granules per sachet /10g一包

15 sachets per box (total 150grams)/ 15包一盒

• Direction:

成人每次1包(10g),一天3次。三餐饭后半小时服用。可直接口服或搭配 400cc 开水服用。

Take 1 sachet(10g) 3 times daily directly or with 400cc water half hour after meals.

‐ Swallow the content directly or 直接口服

‐ Dissolve the content in cold water then drink it 冷水即溶。


• 调整状态、帮助你

• 单包茶包设计,方便携带,自饮两相宜

• 纯天然无添加


• 免煎服服溶颗粒剂型,易装易冲服,适合吞咽。

• 单包设计,方便携带,随身防护良伴。

• 高品质PIC/S GMP制程,遵守各地安全规范。


Allowed for sale as a Chinese Proprietary Medicine based on information submitted to the Authority. Consumer discretion is advised.